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UGS Security is one of the best and reliable choice for security guard services. Our armed security for hire service consists of professional, experienced, and skilled security guards. They are fully trained to address any type of on-site security concerns for every business, property, or facility. Whether you are running a business, managing a private event, construction site, or anything else, you can rely on UGS Security professional armed security guards to provide the most cost-effective solution to address your specific security issues.

We have a team of professional security guards who are rigorously trained to perform a wide range of duties that assists in deterring theft, vandalism, loitering, and other illegal or criminal activity. Also, each guard that have we have has been hand-picked by our management team that possesses 50 years of collective experience in the industry. We only hire guards that have proven experience, effective communication skills, and are professionals. Further, every security guard must undergo security and criminal background checks and holds an active and valid license. In order to achieve the state license, the guards had to complete at least a minimum of 40 hours of training. The training sessions include the power to arrest, terrorism, patrol, conflict management, and much more.

Perform On-site Survey To Understand Specific Security Requirements

Further, to determine what type of unarmed security guards or armed security guards services you need, a member of our management team will execute an on-site consultation. In this, they will assess the location and gain a complete understanding of your specific security goals and unique vulnerabilities. After getting the report, we will customize your security plan and develop clear goals regarding guard selection, placement, duties, and much more. So, once the security plan is approved, we will select the security guards that will match with your security requirements. Also, if required, we can train them according to the specifics of their post order duties. To make sure that our security guards are meeting all the requirements and expectations, our management team will supervise them in real time as well as perform regular on-site checks. They also verify that the guards designated at the service are performing all required patrols.

Ugs Security Armed Security Services Consists Of

UGS Security provides security services to business owners, event promoters, private customers, and so on with effective solutions that are designed to quickly and efficiently address any security concerns. The present era has become a frightening place because of the evolving dangers that are extremely dangerous for security concerns. UGS Security will address all these security concerns by devising customized solutions that provide the most up to date and best technology and security measures that can be found in the industry. We provide innovative solutions such as:


  • Event Security: It is for any size event, that includes from small gatherings to huge, filled arenas
  • Casino Security: It involves the security of any nature
  • Entertainment Security: Crowd control and set security
  • Around the Clock Service: 24/7 security and monitoring
  • Armed & Unarmed Security: When the client needs trained specialists, we are here at your service
  • VIP Security: We are specialists in guarding and protecting many VIP’s of all nature
  • Commercial Security: All properties of any size
  • Education Security: Provide security and protection of all types

Anything you want, whatever type of property you own or manage, and no matter what form of security guard services you want, UGS Security can help. Contact UGS Security today for a consultation and get a fixed estimated quote. Our security services are powerful, cost-effective, and comprehensive. Don’t wait till it’s too late, contact UGS Security now and have all of your security issues and requirements handled quickly and efficiently.

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So, call us now to schedule a free consultation and quote. Our unarmed/armed security services are available across California and Los Angeles. Your business and property are safe in the hands of a qualified security provider. UGS provides licensed armed Security Guards Los Angeles who are trained, licensed, and professional, to see to your security needs. So, everything in its place, and professionals in-place to make sure it stays that way.

For more details and information, you can contact us anytime , without any hesitation. Our customer support team is available to provide any type of assistance.