Construction Site Security

Construction Site Security Services

Construction sites are a prime target for vandalism. Protect your construction site with uniformed guards and car patrol (if applicable) to prevent crime.  No one wants to go to their construction site and see it tagged with graffiti or see building materials torn down. Our guards are responsible for doing rounds and working with police when needed if trespassers are found on the premises.

Construction security officers protect constructions sites from theft and vandalism. Officers are required to patrol the site throughout their shifts being watchful for signs of criminal activity or safety concerns. All entrances and floors of the building are patrolled. Officers use their visible presence to discourage criminal activity. Observations must be documented a promptly reported.


Key Services our Guards Offer:

  • Secure doors and entrances
  • Foot patrols of the interior and exterior of buildings
  • Walk the stairwells of each building
  • Observe and report patrol activity
  • Watch for signs of fire or water leaks
  • Report for duty on time and in full uniform
  • Communicate with the clients on-site as needed