Corporate Event Security

UGS Security provides reliable and professional Corporate Event Security for our valuable clients. Our team of security personnel will protect your assets, staff, guests, and VIPs. They will manage everything proficiently and ensure that your event is successful.

UGS Security - Event Security Specialists

We possess extensive experience in private event security management and has successfully catered to several clients. Our event security includes planning, implementing, and managing the event.

Understanding Client Objectives

Our corporate event security personnel comprehends that their duty and responsibility is to help the event staff at every point and preventing the complicated issues from emerging before it becomes an emergency. Also, our corporate event security team puts an emphasis on brand reputation and make sure that the client experience of working with us is great. Moreover, our security personnel is professional, friendly, knowledgeable, and customer-oriented.

Special Event Security: Managing Risk

UGS Security is a specialist in risk management as well. We work closely with our clients and design protection strategies that will mitigate security threats. Our event security team has successfully managed events of all types and makes sure that no disturbances or disruptions make a specific event unsuccessful. Further, risk management helps clients in running smooth operations and manages risk, supplementing, helping, or developing a strong security team at every stage.

A professional corporate event company identifies and prevents security threats. They possess the proper resources to respond quickly to an emergency with minimum disruption.

Our corporate event security personnel proficiently manage unwanted interruptions by preventing them from occurring. By coordinating with event organizers and the venue, access control, and security are assured.

We understand that the security personnel entrusted with the responsibility of the safety and protection of your guests need to be of the highest caliber. Also, our securities guards are licensed, insured, protect the clients and guests from any type of harm.

In addition, the qualified corporate event security team at your event will make sure that things run smoothly from start to finish. So if you are planning the next company event like shareholders meeting, employee appreciation, conference, tradeshow, etc., let us handle all security measures.

If you are concerned about the prices, then don’t worry; we offer competitive prices with no hidden or extra charges. We also provide tailored services and make sure that we do not exceed your budget limitations.

So do not wait and hire our security guards services and forget about all the worries and stress related to security because you are in safe hands. During a corporate event, the chances of things getting out of control are high, and there is no time to panic at that time. At this point, you need to call the professionals to deal with this problem efficiently and quickly.

What Sets Us Apart

01 .Security Guard Training

UGS provides the highest level of training to meet the needs of each client’s specific environment. All instructors are certified in their fields and have extensive experience in teaching their area of expertise. UGS is accustomed to providing customized training solutions for different environments from government facilities to gated communities or office buildings. Our training program is modified to meet your specific needs.

02 .Customer Service

We value open communication. Successful business owners understand the importance of maintaining open communication with their business partners. Our Management Team has specific plans for maintaining frequent, consistent communications between the client, the guard officers, and the management team. Our managers are available 24/7 to effectively handle any questions or concerns regarding your security services.

03 .Security Guard Accountability

UGS utilizes electronic security guard monitoring systems which allow both the supervisors and the client access to an online portal to track guards during their shift. This system uses a combination of GPS tracking and QR codes to monitor the security guards’ activities. This accountability measure assures our clients that security guards are performing patrols as specified.

Your Benefits

  • Real time tracking technology
  • Rapid response and escalation
  • Licensed and trained for Power to Arrest
  • Real timLicensed and trained to use Baton, Pepper Spray and Firearmse tracking technology
  • Trained in CPR/First Aid
  • Qualified security personnel to meet any security requirement
  • Professional training programs and quarterly training for our guards
  • The strictest standards of accountability by offering full transparency in GPS tracking
  • The most advanced technologies and logistical operation processes
  • Consistent and Reliable Service
  • Responsive Management Team
  • Individualized Attention to Customer Needs