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UGS Security provides the best value home security guard services. We provide our clients with highly trained and reliable security guard services at the most competitive prices. So, the services we offer to our clients include:

Fire watch services Lock up and alarm
Mobile patrol Foot patrol
Bike patrol Event security
Logistics Standing guards

Moreover, at UGS Security, our aim is to become a leader in private security services through excellent customer care, the latest techniques, and the use of modern technology. Also, our administration has over 50 years of experience. So, this also mean that they have profound knowledge to train and supervise guards for every type of job.

Apartments Automotive Facility
Business Park Casino
Construction Site Education Institute
Energy Facility Entertainment
Event Financial Institution
Government Facility Healthcare Facility
High Rise Hotel
Mail Manufacturing Facility
Restaurant Shopping Center
Storage Facility Warehouse

Furthermore, for every job, our security guards work with the client to understand their specific needs. Also, this helps in devising a custom security plan that focuses on your property layout and location, specific security concerns, and the budget requirements.

Knowledgeable & Experienced Private Security Guards Los Angeles

Our team of California security guard is fully licensed by BSIS. Furthermore, we also provide continuous and mandatory training to arrest, CPR and first aid, observe and report, communications, public relations, and emergency situations.

In addition, we make sure that our guards are present on-site and alert by using the latest time clock system and giving a regular and random visit to the site. Our management team also uses GPS equipment to record our guards' exact movements and patrols throughout their duty period.

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UGS Security is a best security guard company that is licensed and bonded. We are flexible and can adjust to meet the needs of our clients. Moreover, all client information is kept confidential. And we assure you to beat any competitor's price. So, call us today, and get a free quote. You can also schedule an on-site consultation and security assessment in Los Angeles.

Moreover, we provide you with highly educated personnel who go through drug testing, background checks, screening, and much more. Our guards are uniformed, insured, licensed, skilled with 24/7 supervision and customer service. Also, our guards are evaluated every month concerning their performance. Our expert security guards are ready to respond to all sorts of emergencies and to put your mind at ease. You also know that we are delivering the best security guard services with round the clock customer support and supervision.

Also, our security officials are trained to document any incident of significance in their log sheets. Our security guards contain a daily activity document folder wherein they report each event that happens during their shift. Every report is entered into the system to keep track of every client account to keep privacy. So, this is something that our security guards must perform. The supervisors take a look at those reports and send it to the clients when they request.

Moreover, proper action is taken on incidents that focuses on the security guard's observation. UGS Security professional management team tailors the services to meet all your needs, expectations, and requirements. Also, our main aim is to protect you, your family members, your business, your home, and all your valuables in a very effective way.

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Furthermore, we were founded as an independent local security company with a goal to provide professional quality services that are the best in the area. So, this implies that we believe in quality over quantity.

Moreover, for more information or details, contact us now! So, give us a call at (800) 228-2505 or send us an email at info@unitedguardsecurity.net. Also, we assure you of quality service and 100% satisfaction. Also, we are confident that you wont be dissapointed in hiring our services. And even recommend us to other as well. So, what are you waiting for!