Off Duty Police Officer Security

With the upsurge in crime, the probability of security threats has increased, and in this situation, you need a well-trained, equipped, and disciplined. Off duty police officer security services. Also, if you need the security services around the clock, we have got you covered. Our company is known for providing premium and professional security police officers services. Our team of security personnel consists of several seasoned active and retired law enforcement officers.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring Off-Duty Police Officers?

Highly Trained Police Officers

Our certified police officers are rigorously trained in a wide variety of issues. They can handle any type of security issue proficiently, keeping your property premises secure.

Generate A Faster Response

Without any doubt, it is safe to say that an experienced and professional police officer will generate a faster response to any emergency issue. These security guards will provide all types of assistance in terms of security.

Know the Law

Off duty security officers are highly trained in the law. If a situation arises that involves an arrest, our police officers will properly execute this procedure. They will make sure that everything is done in a smooth way without causing any disturbance.

The Police Uniform Gets Higher Level of Respect & Attention

Off duty police officers are usually treated with the utmost respect and act as a strong deterrent than a security guard. If it is a difficult duty location, then the police officer's uniform and badge will prove to be the best investment over a security guard.

Why Hire UGS Security?

We have been providing our security services in various industries for almost 50 years. Also, we feel proud in providing quality and consistent services. Further, we have a base of loyal clients that turned to us to provide reliable security services for their business, event, or anything else, and also recommend us to others. UGS Security has a team of security police officers that are bonded, licensed, and fully insured. We have a simple booking and payment process and will take care of everything. Also, with the comprehensive services we provide, we have got you covered.

We Provide Full Protection

Our UGS Security consists of a management team that has experienced security dictators and law enforcement executives and work to protect your valuable assets, your people, property, and reputation. Our experts coordinate with our clients to make sure that everything is kept safe and as per the client's requirements.

In addition to this, UGS Security also offers a consulting program that includes on-site assessment, risk assessment, and recommends efficient solutions that fill the gaps in your current security plan.

If you have any pressing questions or require more information regarding our services, then contact us without any hesitation. Our customer support team will provide any type of assistance you required and make sure that you are fully satisfied with our services. So do not wait and hire our services now! We assure you high-quality services at a fraction of the cost. We only provide the best and nothing less than that.