Off Duty Security Services


Whenever you need off duty security services, no matter for what reason, UGS Security can provide you with a team of security officers who are highly-trained. Our team consists of currently employed police officers, retired police officers, as well as the military ones. We provide our security services for corporate events, private events, personal protection, and much more.

For any type of event or outside meeting, you will require a superior level of security for the high-profile executives to ensure peace of mind. UGS Security can deliver the level of security that you expect and require. Further, our off duty security officers are armed and have the powers to arrest.

At UGS Security, we give utmost priority to your safety and those around you. Our security officers will remain vigilant when guarding your business, property, event, hospitals, and valuables. Our services are available round the clock.

UGS Security Provides off Duty Security Services:

UGS Security provides specialized armed security guards services. So by hiring us, you are assured of receiving the highest level of private security that will exceed all your expectations. When you, you will be immediately provided with access to thousands of armed police officers. All of our security officers are highly skilled, certified, and rigorously trained to handle any type of security issue.

Professional Off Duty Security Services Near Me:

Off duty police officers security act as a perfect criminal deterrent. Criminals or instigators, when observing the presence of security officers they will not proceed with their criminal activity and often choose another location. UGS Security only employs those security officers that have acquired the highest level of training. By hiring our services, you will prevent many issues from emerging. Strategic security plans will be formulated to prevent any security issues from happening in the future as well.

In case, if a problem arises at any time, you will have a peace of mind knowing that experienced law enforcement personnel are at your service and they will deal with any security issue promptly and professionally. Our officers are trained to deal with anything that can be minor incidents to potentially dangerous ones.

Emergency Service:

UGS Security provides off duty security services that will provide protection during and after emergencies. Our officers are equipped, have the authority to arrest, and are available when you need them. We can help with any emergency situations and relieve you of the stress of handling the situation.

We pride ourselves on staying abreast of the security measures and provide our clients with the very best tools and technology. Our technology offers tracking and updates, as well as escalation orders. So there will be no delay in providing additional instructions or questions that require immediate answers. We provide full transparency. Moreover, our clients can also use real-time GPS tracking throughout the guards’ entire shift. They will be able to generate detailed and accurate patrol data at any time. For more information or details, you can contact us without any hesitation. So do not wait and hire us now!