Patrol Security Services Los Angeles, Orange County

Police guard services are considered as one of the most effective methods for deterring potential crimes. Whenever a crime occurs, the deployed police officers at your property will take immediate action to protect you from enduring any harm. Police officers can be used for several types of security.

At UGS Security, we have law enforcement officers that are trained and experienced professionals and comprise police officers, retired police officers, and military personnel as well. Further, our services are available for corporate, private, and government sectors. These police officer services are different from the typical security guard services.

UGS Security provides various types of security services specialized in performing several tasks. So, no matter for what security reasons you hire us, we assure you to give the best of the best.

Police Officers For Executive Protection

Hiring police officers to provide protection for executives and corporate events is a huge responsibility. It requires a high level of security skills to ensure complete peace of mind. We have a team of highly skilled police officers who can provide the highest standard protection to executives, corporate events, and key personnel. Further, our executive protection service is available for in transit, at home, event locations, and for offices. Also, our law enforcement personnel are armed and have the authority to arrest.

Key Services Provided:

  • Personal Protection – VIP Client Services
  • Corporate Security
  • Retail & Bank Security
  • Event Security
  • Building Security
  • Traffic Control

Your specific security needs and intensity of the threat will determine which type of security officer services you need. UGS Security can proficiently handle high threat level posts that require the assistance of ex-military personnel and law enforcement officers trained in the tactical firearm, hand to hand combat and snipper. It also includes low threat level posts, which requires the officer to simply document the visitors and employees coming and going. Further, all of the UGS Security personnel has got mandatory required training and make sure they know to execute the right tactics as per the situation.

Non-Commissioned Officer (Unarmed Guard)

Non-commissioned officers must acquire the highest standards of training to ensure the highest level of security. Our security officers are rigorously trained to meet the client's specific needs. Also, all non-commissioned officers must clear the extensive interview and background check process.

When it comes to developing the best security plan and reaching the security objectives, we encourage our clients to take an active role and closely work with us in this process. It will help us in devising a strategy that will meet your needs. At UGS Security, we have designed and developed various different styles, which includes the following:

Traditional Uniformed Security

We give the best traditional uniformed security services.


Executives often require the assistance of police officers to welcome and protect. UGS Security executive services consist of providing a sophisticated and professional appearance to enhance the security program.

Business Casual

For any corporate and business, this security service will allow you to have professional and respectful security. This is suitable for environments that demand high activity patrols. The type of threat level and tasks will indicate what type of police officer you need. UGS Security security personnel possess all the necessary skills that are required to provide high-level security. We will also help you in selecting the right security service. So, please call us on our given number for a free consultation or request a free estimated online.

Our aim is to achieve your safety goals with proactive, responsive, and vigilant security officers. We firmly believe that there are various factors involved in order to achieve a successful security and business operation. One of the important factors is communication. Both parties that are involved need to identify expectations and realities that have an effect on daily operations. In short, UGS Security looks out for their client's best interest and leave no stone unturned in achieving the expectations and standards of performance.

So do not wait, contact us now and discuss your security requirements with us.