Security Guard Agency Near Me

If you are looking for a reliable security guard agency near me, then UGS Security is the best choice. We focus on the safety, protection, privacy, and discretion and cater to all the needs of our clients. Our customers are the base of our company, and therefore we give utmost priority to their needs.

In simple words, if you need security services, UGS Security can provide you with a highly capable and trusted solution. We offer comprehensive security guard services, so if you need a free quote, contact us on the given number.

Best Security Guard Agency Near Me

We offer a comprehensive range of services to our clients and at affordable prices. The list of services we provide are mentioned below:

  • Vehicle Patrol
  • Alarm Response
  • Armed Security
  • Unarmed Security
  • Residential Security
  • Office & Construction Site Security
  • Corporate and Special Event Security
  • Executive Security

Private Security Guard

UGS Security offers companies and private individuals with armed and unarmed security guards along with patrol services. This also includes providing confidential and discreet private services. Our service covers:

  • Apartments
  • Construction sites
  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Private and business
  • Personal protection
  • Deterring illegal activity
  • Crowd control

Unarmed Security Guards & Services

There are various situations that demand the need for one of the security guard companies services, but the unarmed one. The presence of an unarmed security guard acts as a strong deterrent against criminal activities. Moreover, if you need security services for physical protection, you will be glad to know that unarmed security guards for hire near me are fully trained in all types of defense techniques. The extensive training that they have received will provide better protection than a weapon. Situations that require the presence of unarmed security guards include:

  • Supermarkets
  • Shopping malls
  • Public & private schools
  • College and university campuses
  • Escorting wealthy individuals on shopping trips
  • Business executives
  • Celebrities

Office Security Guards Services

In all these years, there has been an upsurge in criminal activities, and this has led to the rise in the demand for office security guards services. The peace of mind that the presence of security guard or patrol services brings is no match for any other protective or security devices. UGS Security possesses years of experience, so we are capable of designing a custom security plan that meets your business and office security requirements and also meets your budget needs. Common duties of office security guard include:

  • Ensuring the right foot traffic in and out of office
  • Strictly adhering to building rules and regulations
  • Be vigilant and report incidents which may result in loss or damage to property
  • Provide safety to employees, residents, and visitors
  • Guard buildings, grounds, and parking areas
  • Staff a watch post
  • Conducting security rounds at periodic, non-regular intervals inside and outside the facility
  • Traffic control and parking
  • Perform building checks

Armed Security Guards Services

At UGS Security, the armed security guards are rigorously trained and possess a license in the use of firearms. Further, our guards also have a calm and cool temperament and possess social skills that are needed to be utilized during potentially volatile environments. Situations that typically requires the need for armed guards include the protection of:

  • Monies
  • Artwork
  • Jewelry
  • Valuable documents
  • High-profile people
  • Crowd control
  • The deterrent of thievery in retail areas
  • Crime deterrent at sports or entertainment venues

In a nutshell, our armed security guards and patrol services will detect, deter, observe, and in the end, report any potential threat to the safety of the employees and visitors.

Healthcare Security Guards Services

Apart from the office or other business related securities, offering either armed or unarmed security services to healthcare facilities requires understanding a specific set of requirements and needs. UGS Security has vast experience and posses specially trained hospital security guards and vehicle patrol services that are always prepared to ensure the safety of the patients, visitors, staff, property, and much more.

What are the types of healthcare facilities?

  • Hospitals
  • Assisted living facilities
  • Nursing homes
  • Psychiatric units
  • Long term care facilities

Our security guards have experience in:

  • Emergency room security
  • Parking lot security
  • Medical escort services
  • Concierge and security receptionist
  • Intake officers
  • Traffic and parking control
  • Visitor screening and authorization
  • Violence prevention

Further, if you want to hire event security services near me, we have got you covered. No matter what security purpose you need our service, we are here at your assistance. So, don’t leave your security matters in the hands of amateurs or non-professionals and have a peace of mind by hiring our services.