What Are Security Guard Duties?

Security guard duties consist of protecting staff, visitors, property as well as valuable assets. Their strategy includes various reliable and effective security measures and tactics that assist in deterring criminal activities. Apart from detecting and preventing crimes, their physical presence also adds value to your property.

Security Guard Duties and Responsibilities

The general duties of a security guard include:

  • Implementing laws, rules, and policies
  • Quickly responding to emergencies
  • Protect property
  • Manage and control access to buildings
  • Protecting employees, guests, and valuable assets
  • Monitoring alarms and CCTV cameras
  • Patrolling areas on foot or vehicle and performing security checks
  • Writing activity and incident reports

In addition to this, they also add value and contribute to the effectiveness of your property. So, listed below are some ways of how they add value to your business:

Quick Response

Professional and trained security guards provide a quick response to emergency situations. In case of fire or police professionals are called, they will provide all the detailed information regarding the specific issues that will help in creating efficient resolution. Further, they are trained to identify and prevent the situation before it turns into an emergency.

Guest services

This includes greeting visitors, checking them, and helping and directing them to the right department.

Customer Service

Professional security personnel possess excellent customer service skills and always endeavor to make sure that the interactions are pleasant. Further, they will provide directions to the visitor, assist the staff in their issues, help those who need them, and bring peace, calm, and assurance to your organization.

Specialized Services

Other specialized security guard services include:

Corporate security

Our security guards are highly skilled and professionals. So they have the ability to easily incorporate their duties into daily operations of any corporate setting.

Event security

When you are conducting large events, the probability of unexpected situations occurring increases. They will provide assistance in everything that includes from crowd control to traffic control and everything in between.

Warehouse security

When it comes to providing security to warehouses and storage facilities, our security guards specialize in access control, monitoring, and loss prevention. The above-mentioned services are just a few of them of what we provide to our clients. We offer a comprehensive range of services. So you are assured of finding what you are looking for, all under one roof. Feel free to ask us, and we assure you to cater to your unique needs.

We Provide Operational Support and Integration

UGS Security provides highly trained security personnel who are proficient in handling all types of security issues. Our security guards are dedicated to providing protection to your staff and your property. Further, we assigned only those security officers that can successfully meet all your security needs and requirements. They can also provide traffic control and conflict de-escalation services as per the client's demands.

So, get in touch with our customer representatives today. Call or send us an email to find out which security guard duties will be suitable for your property. Our customer support team is available around the clock so you can contact us at any time of the day or night.