Security Guard Services Near Me

With the upsurge in crime rates and delinquent activities, every person or business must have optimum security services. UGS Security specializes in providing security service consultants and other security services. Whether you need executive security service, car patrol and so on, we can meet all your security needs. Our security guard services near me monitor 24/7 and make sure that the clients are getting the services they need as promised.

UGS Security offers armed and unarmed security officers that are uniform or plainclothes, investigative security, private security, and drive patrol for those clients that need optimal security to protect their assets and resources. Also, being one of the best and reliable security guard company, we provide a problem solving approach and unique programs to all major corporations for their security issues.

Moreover, with almost 50+ years of experience, we are capable of facing all types of security challenges and devise response strategies and tactics that provide optimum security and mitigate threats.

What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of Security Guards?

  • Security Guard Training
  • Armed Security Guard
  • Unarmed Security Guard

Security Guard Training

No matter you need armed or unarmed security guards near me, all of them undergo rigorous training. Our training includes teaching varying degrees of combat techniques, which is considered as a hallmark of the professional unarmed and armed security guards, and their ability to identify and avert any potentially volatile situation. Such a level of competency is crucial in preventing the escalation of the potential incident before it occurs.

In addition, our training program includes risk assessment, which is considered extremely vital when providing armed executive or close protection. When faced with any eventuality, strategic analysis of present and potential risks and devising perfect action plans are crucial skills for all armed security guards.

The demand for armed security guard companies near me is increasing in areas such as banks, schools, offices and much more.

Every security guard must be licensed and should possess the required certificates. It is because when performing their duties, there is always the potential of having to use their weapon. Thus, it is necessary that every individual must possess the expertise to store, care for and correctly use the firearm if the situation demands. This calls for extensive and ongoing training.

Armed Security Guard

The duties that armed security guard has to execute differ as they depend on the specific role they are employed. For example, the daily routine of the armed security guard differs from that who is employed as an armed executive protection officer. However, the rudimentary responsibilities of the security guards remain the same. These include:

  • To provide ultimate protection to the property or persons
  • To deter the happening of criminal acts such as theft, vandalism, hostility, attacks, violence and much more.
  • Identify and defuse potential crime or violent situations
  • Respond with using lethal force if the situation demands

Although security guards possess the legal right to draw and use their weapons, they will resort to this to solve an undesirable situation.

To execute such type of responsibility requires particular personal skills that are further enhanced by providing specific training. This training include, but is certainly not restricted to:

  • Situational awareness
  • Ability to comprehend specific body language and behaviours that can lead to cause a threat
  • Exceptional and effective communication skills
  • Possess an impeccable attitude concerning confidentiality

Unarmed Security Guard

Any individual working as a commercial armed security guard must complete all the requirements required to work in an unarmed situation. To perform this job, each will be required to undergo particular background checks so that they qualify to work in any threatening situation.

The Best Event Security Services Near Me

When it comes to providing security to any event, expertise is the most vital aspect. UGS Security is a professional security company that offers an exceptional security guard service near me. Also, our company is fully bonded, insured, and employ only skilled and qualified staff in their niche. UGS Security guarantees outstanding safety and security to any event.

Concert Security Services

The concert, either large or small, has the high potential to be affected by highly volatile situations, and this requires an expert strategic approach to address such situations effectively. The concerts usually witnessed various serious situations like fights, riots, medical emergencies and so on. So, no matter what size of the concert it is, you can never be sure of such serious situations that will happen or not and should always be prepared by hiring security guard services.

UGS Security provides the best security service that includes critical risk assessment from the stage through planning, implementation and post event. Our team of skilled staff closely work with event coordinators that will ensure that every aspect of security is covered and nothing is left behind. Moreover, our security services will cover the areas that include venue security, crowd security, access and egress, traffic control, emergency first aid, gate attendants, and much more.

Event Staff

Private and high society events bring many people together, which requires experienced personnel to ensure everything goes smoothly. Having UGS Security qualified security guards will assure you to give peace of mind because they will keep everything under control to avoid any potential mishaps.

Our professional event staff include gate attendants, valets, escorts, CCTV surveillance, first aid and much more. In addition to this, an in-depth risk assessment will be performed, and suggestions will be provided, such as staff to guest ratio, strategic placement, and the ways to help maintain the highest safety levels.

Do You Need Commercial Security Guard Services?

All local businesses or office buildings have high risks of potential thefts and vandalism, and recently the rate has escalated, and it won't come down anytime sooner.

You should get our commercial security guards for hire near me:

  • If your premises do not have any security system set up
  • If you are planning to organize a corporate event and want to make sure that no one gets get or put in danger
  • Various circumstances impel you to hire a security guard
  • If you are operating a high-risk commercial business and require armed guards
  • If you are managing a commercial event
  • Require someone to establish a solid defence plan for your commercial business

By hiring UGS Security, the likelihood of the crime taking place will decrease. We will provide you with the best ways of providing ultimate security against harm. So contact our commercial security team now.

If you are looking for hiring private security companies near me for your small business event to major businesses and corporations, then do not wait and contact us immediately. We offer our service 24/7. Our officers are highly vigilant and work together with local law enforcement to deter, and when necessary, interdict criminal activity.