Security Guard Services

UGS provides many different security guard services across several industries. Whether you are looking for continuous security guard service, security consulting, executive protection, or car patrol service, we have expertise in all the services we offer. Rest assured, we are ready to customize a security plan that will fit your security risks and needs.

We continuously utilize industry best practices to remain knowledgeable of viable innovations to assure our clients enjoy the most cost-effective techniques in security performance.

Our UGS training program prepares our guards for any circumstances that may arise on the job. All our security officers must complete intensive training and testing before assignment to your facility and throughout their employment at UGS. This ensures that the officers on your site are fully prepared to protect your assets. Our effective training guarantees that our employees have acquired the knowledge and skills to perform consistently to our high standards and practices.

We believe in quarterly training and set out to provide the most desirable guards in California to your properties and businesses. We work closely with our guards and offer the depth of knowledge and expertise you expect from your protective services partner.

Our uniformed guard services are monitored 24/7 in real-time using our app-based system, which ensures our clients are getting the service they expect and are promised. Clients can be notified of incidents immediately and even view our patrols in real-time from their own client portal.

Our Guards are the backbone of the company. We hold them to a higher standard than most.

UGS was established with the goal of being the standard bearer for future security companies. We pride ourselves on our solid reputation. Our officers are highly vigilant and work together with local law enforcement to deter, and when necessary, interdict criminal activity.

What Sets Us Apart

01 .Security Guard Training

UGS provides the highest level of training to meet the needs of each client’s specific environment. All instructors are certified in their fields and have extensive experience in teaching their area of expertise. UGS is accustomed to providing customized training solutions for different environments from government facilities to gated communities or office buildings. Our training program is modified to meet your specific needs.

02 .Customer Service

We value open communication. Successful business owners understand the importance of maintaining open communication with their business partners. Our Management Team has specific plans for maintaining frequent, consistent communications between the client, the guard officers, and the management team. Our managers are available 24/7 to effectively handle any questions or concerns regarding your security services.

03 .Security Guard Accountability

UGS utilizes electronic security guard monitoring systems which allow both the supervisors and the client access to an online portal to track guards during their shift. This system uses a combination of GPS tracking and QR codes to monitor the security guards’ activities. This accountability measure assures our clients that security guards are performing patrols as specified.

Your Benefits

  • Real time tracking technology
  • Rapid response and escalation
  • Licensed and trained for Power to Arrest
  • Real timLicensed and trained to use Baton, Pepper Spray and Firearmse tracking technology
  • Trained in CPR/First Aid
  • Qualified security personnel to meet any security requirement
  • Professional training programs and quarterly training for our guards
  • The strictest standards of accountability by offering full transparency in GPS tracking
  • The most advanced technologies and logistical operation processes
  • Consistent and Reliable Service
  • Responsive Management Team
  • Individualized Attention to Customer Needs