What is Armed Guard Security?

Security has to be always the top priority. There are no other ways to protect valuable assets or lives. It is only up to you to decide how you want to do this. You can either choose to hire a team of highly-skilled professionals or to simply hope for the best. We recommend the first option. Taking care of these serious matters only by yourself doesn’t seem like a good plan.  

armed guard security

The security market is a highly competitive medium that requires constant innovations. We, at UGS – United Guard Security, make sure to have all the necessary tools for prevention and intervention. We take full responsibility for all of our actions by building a unique security system around every client. Our company takes into account all specific preferences when crafting the plan.  

Every situation requires the top speed of reaction. By using modern equipment for all of our armed security guards, we keep all the departments updated and make possible to take action at any second. Our mission is to create a shield based on competence around our clients. All the actions are being coordinated with the entire team that was assigned for protection.

The company provides a wide array of services while using the most efficient training program for the guards. Weapons are really powerful tools that have to be handled very carefully as there’s no room for mistakes. This is exactly why all the staff undergoes an extensive training program in combat gun training.

The trust of our customers and the excellent service provided by our company allows us to find new customers and increase our expertise. We understand the needs of our customers and provide 24/7 assistance.

Your budget is not the deciding factor. We will create an efficient plan for your specific needs. The high level of quality is guaranteed.

Our goal is a constant improvement of our service. United Guard Security encompasses more than 50 years of combined security and law enforcement experience and a state license but this does not stop it from getting better. Choose our security guard services and forget about stress and anxiety – you are in safe hands now! When the situation quickly gets out of control, there is no time to panic. What you can do is call the experts to deal with the problem quickly and efficiently.